Athletic Facilities


Parallel to the projects of the Cultural Village and the Square, implementation and development of the Athletic Facilities, which is located next to the Community Elementary School in a space of 40 hectares, are moving forward.
These facilities include tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, Futsal, skateboarding, lawn bowls, playgrounds, green areas, snack bars etc.
This project is ripe for execution since the derogation we were expecting has already been guaranteed by the Cabinet on 13/4/16, as well as the issuance of the new planning permit No. PAF/00491/2013. Meanwhile the issuance of Building Permit Β131/12 is expected. During the presentation of this project to the selection committee for the City for the European Capital of 2017, the commission expressed favorable comments since the Sports Facilities will include exercise facilities for people of all ages.
This project will bring our youth closer to Sports and away from the dangers of our time. The project will be proposed in the CSO budget for implementation within 2017.
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