The Park-Valley of Lembas


The Community Council considers the maintenance and development of green spaces very important, and to this end it has created in and around the Community, over seven remarkable green spaces with playgrounds.
The planned upgrade of the most important green space is the large 40-hectare Park of our Community, which is located on the sides of the Agrakiou of Taisi that crosses the center of the Community.
The Park has areas suitable for visitors and nature lovers with all the comforts for walking and studying nature. After several attempts the
Community Council recently secured a total of €26,000 which, with the help of the Forest Department is used for maintenance, improvement, extension, and creation of new trails within the Park. They have also improved the 4 natural water springs that run all year long, irrigating the Park and the Valley. They are the same water springs which have flown for thousands of years and have made the Community of the Lemba, from the period of 1300 to 1400 A.D. the first center of manufacturing and export of Glazed Pottery in Cyprus (known "ALIFTA" vessels).
There is also a natural cave near the spring's tap with remnants of stalactites. All this together with the uninterrupted view towards the sea make it the Valley of the Lemba unique.
The Community Council of Lemba appreciating the importance of the Park for the Community and for protection of its natural wealth and its history, after great effort, managed to integrate a large part of the Park into the protection zone Da1 and the rest into the White Zone.
The ultimate goal of the Community Council is the inclusion of the entire Park in the protection zone Da1 for its long-term protection. With the consideration to the safety of and to facilitate the complete expropriation of the Park from the State.
The Community Council recently purchased the only Greek Cypriot part located in the center of the Park.
*The area of the Spring's tap in the Park attracts the interest of hundreds of newlyweds for photo shoots.
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