Culture Movement of Lembas


With the help of C.C. the CULTURAL MOVEMENT OF LEMBAS has been created in our Community the with the purpose of contributing to the promotion of the Community as a Cultural space. In spite of the short existence of the Cultural Movement, it has produced remarkable work, with its contributions to disadvantaged villagers, offering help to the Community Food Pantries and needy students. It has organized, with great success, together with the C.C., Christmas and Easter events, thus highlighting its exceptional dance group. It has also organized various trips and participates in the Carnival of our Province where in 2016 it was awarded by the judges' panel with the 2nd prize for best presence.
The Community Council supports and will promote the further cooperation with the Cultural Movement with the ultimate purpose to keep our youth close to Culture. For this purpose, the C.C. is always aids in the efforts of the Cultural Movement and the various events it organizes.
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