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Within the framework of offering and making life easier for the residents and particularly our young people as well as visitors of our Community, the Community Council has installed a system of free access to the internet. This has been greatly appreciated as it serves primarily the Youth of our Community, the students of the Stras Paraskou School, archaeologists working in the Archaeological Research Center as well as visitors of the community. Of particular importance is the website through which everyone will be informed about the Community. The website of C.C. of Lembas is www.lemba.org.cy.


The Community Council within its capabilities and in response to the difficult economic crisis that we are going through, and in contrast with other communities has NOT imposed any tax increase in the last ten years. On the other hand, it has reduced the taxes in all single-parent families, large families, pensioners and disadvantaged fellow villagers.


Despite the economic crisis, the Community Council has managed to keep up the level of cleanliness of the Community. It has proceeded to tree planting, cleaning of empty lots and open spaces and has continued installing special bins for rubbish and dog feces. Our Community maintains the lowest prices of water supply in comparison to the surrounding Communities and at the same time we secured the construction of a new tank with a capacity of 90 tons, which has already started, and together with the existing tank with a capacity of 90 tons, our Community will be unaffected by any interruptions of water.


The Community Council, by taking advantage of government subsidies, has sought and secured the purchase of single cabin vehicle with full fire-fighting equipment , thus providing protection to the inhabitants and their properties, but also in green areas such as the large Park of the Community.

The prompt intervention of the fire-fighting vehicle of our community has prevented, in many cases, the spread of devastating fires.


The Community Council, recognizing the need for a cemetery within the limits of our community, has completed all the required actions for the creation of a cemetery on a specific Greek Cypriot Plot.


The Community Council in an effort to make use of Kotzia beach has prepared and submitted a "Plan for Use of the Beach" to the CENTRAL COMMISSION OF BEACHES which has been approved. At the same time we expect the registration of the road leading to the beach to enable the Land around the beach to be leased to the Community Council. The beach has already been functioning in the previous years and with the help of the Community Council it has been improved. There is a small snack bar and it is also manned by lifeguards.

  • The spinning Mill was used for hundreds of years to extract terebinth oil in Lemba, today is located in the Museum of Geroskipou and efforts are being made for its resettlement in Lemba.

  • Our Community maintains the lowest prices of water supply in comparison to the surrounding Communities and at the same time we have secured the construction of a new tank with a capacity of 90 tons.

  • The community council has arranged for the restoration of the historical monuments of the community.

  • The Community Council within the context of providing First Aid and taking advantage of the subsidies of the Social Residential Tariff, has secured the acquisition of a defibrillator and Means of First Aid on which several remarkable volunteers, residents of our Community, were trained.

  • "The projects in Lemba are now a reality and with the completion of the Square , the Cultural Village, Sports Facilities, the Large Park on the riverbed Taisi, and the registration of the road network, our Community will become a pole of attraction and will provide Residents all the necessary facilities."
    Community Council Of Lemba
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